Incursion 2 The Artifact

Incursion 2 The Artifact





F1, F2 - heroes selection1, 2, 3 - magic, when hero is selectedEnter - Start the wave earlierSpace - Speed up/downEsc - Cancel selectionP - pauseSee in-game hints and guide for more info!

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We must join Wrathbringer in his march to defend the city of Danalor. Lord Wrathbringer was the ruler of a fief that fell to the demonic onslaught, and now he leads the remainder of his forces in brave battle against the invaders. He will be a great asset to our army, be sure to include him in your tactics.You goal is to defend the pass from the forces of darkness. Trains defenders and place them along the road to stop enemy attacks.Incursion 2 the Artifact game is a tower defence game. Vitality Games has many more free online games to entertain you

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