Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3





Use the arrow keys to move the player. A to shoot. S to jump. D to throw grenades.

Game Details

This side-scrolling shooter game is an action-packed military adventure full of explosions and gunfire! Keep moving and avoid getting killed at all costs in the fight! You have five lives total in this free-for-all melee. Once you get shot or hit, you lose a life. You're in literal survival mode. Once you're killed, you re-emerge in the last place you were in. Don't hesitate to shoot and move as the waves of enemies come for you. It's a brutal fight, and once you're sighted, tanks, shooters, and bombers begin to fire relentlessly. Make sure to move out of the way when you throw a grenade. You can get hit! Move quickly out of the line of fire, but make sure to return your own! Enemies like tanks require a lot more fire, but also dish out a LOT more as well. Shoot first, ask questions later, win the war!

Date Added: 2016-02-05

Category: Action

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