Sports Heads: Tennis

Sports Heads: Tennis





If you want to continue with two players, press "2 PLAYER" on main menu. Select the tennis players, designate the location and the pitch then click on "START" to play the game. Have fun!

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Here we present you a brand new Sports Heads game. This is another game of Sports Heads Tennis Open game series and it is very much enjoyed by the players. So let's go! First of all, if you don't want to waste time with main menu, press "PLAY" and start the game after loaded. There exists two modes; single player and two players. If you want to keep on playing single, then press "NEW GAME" button. Select your player and the difficulty of game then press "START". You will proceed to "TOURNAMENTS" section where you can upgrade your player with the coins you gain from the mathces. Now it is time to click on "PLAY MATCH" to start the game. Have fun! Good lock!

Date Added: 2016-06-02

Category: Action

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